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Trace & Access Services

Avoid unnecessary destruction by letting our Trace & Access engineers help.

Polygon offers a unique Trace & Access service, ensuring to find the source of a leak without causing unnecessary destruction. Our skill set enables us to carry out the work quickly and cost effectively, whilst delivering a robust service to discover and remediate the leak. The area will be made safe and secure, whilst our fully qualified engineering team undertakes all repair work required.

What we often find is that traditional leak detection measures prove unsuccessful, especially when there’s a particularly large area to survey. This is when Polygon is called in, to carry out a Trace & Access service whereby the source of the leak can be quickly identified and subsequently repaired.

What is Trace and Access?

Trace and Access cover refers to an insurance policy term, which specifically covers the costs related to locating and repairing the source of a water leak.Trace and Access is an important part of a property owner’s insurance policy, as without it, any damage incurred to the home, whilst attempting to locate a leak e.g.removal of floor boards or tiles to access plumbing, would not be covered.

What is involved in Polygon’s trace and access?

Our Trace & Access service is designed to be non-destructive, whilst ensuring the opportunity of discovering hidden leaks. What we avoid is the need to carry out a large-scale excavation, which would simply pile on the costs.

Instead, Polygon technician use specialist equipment and procedures to accurately discover the leak, saving our customers considerable time and money in the process.

Our tracer gas technology is one such example of our non-destructive approach and is able to locate the source of a leak to within a very small area. Pressurised gas will be pumped into the pipework system and our sensitive probes will pinpoint where gas is escaping. This will likely be the same area as the leak.

With this technology to hand, Polygon is able to reduce the excavation work required, ultimately reducing overall costs and ensuring the leak is discovered in a timely manner. Once the leak detection is successful, Polygon technician will then make the necessary repairs.

What are the benefits of Polygon’s Trace & Access?

The benefits of choosing Polygon’s Trace & Access technology over traditional leak detection methods are clear.

  • Policyholders can take advantage of a number of non-destructive leak detection services and reduce the need for unnecessary excavation.
  • Policyholders can benefit from increased speed at which leaks are detected, whilst reducing costs and disruption to the home.
  • We ensure the leak is fully repaired and your property is back up and running in no time at all.


Polygon's Endoscopy technologies can identify leaks where others can't:

Used where pipes are hidden, endoscopy works as an extension to the naked eye, providing images that can then photographed as survey evidence. Typically, endoscopy is applied where sub floors, voids, ceilings, cavities and pipes require surveying.

Polygon employs a range of other supporting methods, depending on, but not limited to:

  • Moisture measurement
  • Water analysis
  • Plaster analysis
  • Pressure testing
  • Dye testing
  • Pipe tracing and mapping

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