Polygon Group FAQ Resource

 At Polygon, our team of Leak Detection technicians are dedicated to helping our customers to quickly Find & Fix their leak. To help you do so, here is our extensive Frequently Asked Questions section which will equip you with everything you need to know about our innovative leak detection technologies and what to do in case of a leak.

Can you fix a leak when you find it?

Yes we can however we may need to carry out minor excavation works to expose it before we repair it.

Can you rent leak detection equipment?

This is a service that we do not provide. All of our plumbing technicians are specially trained in leak detection and have many years of experience. They also carry with them all the tools required to find and fix a...

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How do I dry my property after a leak has been repaired?

Once a leak has been fixed, it is very important that the area is properly dried. A moisture survey should always be completed even if the area appears dry as most moisture will not be visible, risking mould, damage...

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How do I find my mains water stopcock?

A mains water stopcock is a valve used to completely stop the flow of water within a property. Also known as 'the stopcock', 'mains water shut off valve' or 'stop valve', all properties have an inside and outside ma...

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How do I know I’ve got a leak?

If you suspect you have a leak within your property but are unsure of its exact location, you should turn off your internal mains water stopcock and then check the dial on your meter (your internal mains water stopc...

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How do I prevent damage from a leak?

With some leaks you can’t prevent all damage, however the first step in limiting the damage is to turn off your water supply to the house. Try to turn your boiler off, this will stop damage if the boiler pipework ru...

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How much water can you lose from a leak?

Research has shown that the typical home loses 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year due to leaks. As a result, no water leak should ever be overlooked, irrespective of its size. In fact, even a seemingly small ...

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I can smell damp?

This may be a sign of a leak, possibly that’s been ongoing a while. Please see our answer to “how do I know I’ve got a leak?” below to get a quick idea of how to diagnose a leak. It is also likely that you will requ...

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I have a damp patch on my floor

Your property should not show any signs of damp. It may be as simple as a spillage but could be something more complicated. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to contact us and speak to one our operatives who...

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I have a leak in a caravan park

Unfortunately, this is something that we deal with on a regular basis. We understand that it is essential the water is put back in place as soon as possible to minimise any disruption to your clients. We would usual...

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I have a leak in a large commercial property

As a company, Polygon have dealt with a variety of different commercial properties, each with different requirements. We know that each property will have different requirements and different ways they want to work ...

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I have a leak in my swimming pool.

If you suspect a leak in your pool or a leak on the pipework this is something that we can help with. Contact our advisors and we will discuss how we can help.

I have a water supply leak over a large area

Polygon have dealt with many leaks over fields, car parks and other large areas. We would recommend having a visual inspection over the pipework you believe the leak to be on to see whether there are any signs of wa...

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I have damp patch on my ceiling

Check the floor above for signs of damp. If there is a property above you we would recommend you speak to the occupant above to see if they are also suffering signs of a leak. If there is a roof above, please see ou...

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I have just bought a property and want to check for leaks

We can give your property a health check using our plumbing maintenance survey. This checks central heating pipework, seals and cold feed pipes eliminating the risk of an undiagnosed leak causing problems for you in...

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I hear running water

Are all your taps and appliances off? Is your toilet cistern filling? If not please see “how do I know I’ve got a leak”.

My boiler is losing pressure?

This can be a sign of a leak on the central heating or a problem with the boiler.

My ground source heating system is losing pressure

Whilst ground source heating systems are a very efficient and environmentally friendly way of collecting heat, unfortunately because of the amount of piping buried underground they can become very susceptible to lea...

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My mains water stopcock is not under my sink. Where can I find it?

All modern homes are required to be fitted with an inside and outside mains water stopcock, so don't worry if you can't find yours under the kitchen sink! Many properties have their mains water stopcock positioned i...

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My radiators are not working

If one of your radiators is not heating up or is cold, it could just need bleeding. However, if bleeding the radiator does not work or if it is linked with any other symptoms outlined in this FAQ, it could be a sign...

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My storage tanks are constantly filling

This could be an indication of a leak on a regular/gravity fed heating system or a leak from a water storage tank. If you can access your storage tanks, look to see which is filling as this will give you an indicati...

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My water meter is spinning all the time/ I have received a high water bill

You could have a faulty meter, otherwise please see “How do I find a leak”.

Water stains have appeared in my property after heavy rainfall. What do I do?

Clear away any furniture that may be positioned directly in front or underneath the water stains. Perform a visual check of your guttering to ensure there are no blockages. This can easily be caused by leaves and ot...

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What are the main signs that I have a leak?

There are many different signs that a leak may be present and they are not all visible. These can include damp patches, high water bills, damp smells, boiler issues and even subsidence. Please read further on for mo...

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What can I do if I have any further questions about leak detection?

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives on 03303 332958.

What is Find & Fix

This is a service Polygon offers. It includes all the aspects of Trace and Access but also includes fixing the leak which will often only take a day to complete. Trace and access Insurance term for non-destructively...

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What is Leak detection?

Leak detection is the finding of hidden leaks. Unlike others, we complete leak detection in a non-destructive manner, minimising disruption to you and your home

What is non-destructive leak detection?

Non-destructive Leak Detection is where we use various pieces of equipment to pinpoint the area without damaging your property.

What is the difference between leak detection and a plumber?

A plumber will often employ a destructive approach to finding a leak i.e. digging a trench along the line of pipework until they find the leak (“chasing the leak”). With a specialist leak detection company, the leak...

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What is Trace and Access

Trace and Access (or “Track and Trace”) is an Insurance term for non-destructively tracing the area of the leak and then exposing the leak i.e. excavating concrete or removing floorboards. If you are covered for thi...

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Will my insurance policy cover leak detection?

Whilst all insurance policies will differ, most will have a “Trace and Access” section which will cover the cost of finding the leak. This is usually only applicable if there is signs of damage (visible signs of moi...

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