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5 New Years Resolutions: Save Money on Your Construction Project

Looking for ways to money on your construction project? Check out our suggestions for New Years Resolutions you can incorporate into your plan this year.

New Years Resolutions:

1. Decrease concrete slab dry times and complete your project ahead of schedule.
Desiccant drying and dehumidification increases the rate of moisture removal from concrete after curing. This keeps the flooring schedule on track by creating the ideal drying conditions of temperature and humidity levels.

2. Meet material specifications by avoiding moisture issues.
Materials such as adhesives, paint and other finishes require specific ambient conditions for installation. Humidity, condensation and extreme temperatures can cause warranty and installation issues. Temporary Humidity Control manages the moisture on your site and prevents these issues from arising.

3. Meet warranty requirements, prevent damage, and save energy costs by avoiding the use of the permanent HVAC system.
Temporary Climate Control systems are designed for controlling moisture at construction sites. Permanent HVAC units are designed to keep building occupants comfortable in a completed building. Reduce energy costs and minimize damage to the permanent HVAC system by utilizing temporary equipment designed for construction sites.

4. Prepare for unexpected water damage and ensure a fast response.
Register your construction site for a complimentary Code Blue membership. A Polygon rep will work with you to create a Code Blue Preparedness Plan to identify priority and vulnerable areas of your job site, so if damage should occur, a plan to recover is already in place.

5. Avoid replacing materials due to moisture issues.
The presence of moisture can cause mold growth, metalwork corrosion, structural deterioration, and chemical breakdowns in finishes and adhesives causing delays and replacement costs. Temporary Humidity Control manages the moisture on your site and prevents these issues from arising.

Contact Polygon for a partner to help you check off these resolutions this year.


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