Environmental and Energy Control

Remote Monitoring and Control
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Automatically control conditions and energy usage based on real-time data

The ExactAire® Smart Controller provides autonomous management of Polygon climate control equipment and the built environment.

It uses data from sensors positioned throughout the facility to control equipment based on user-defined thresholds and behaviors. Should the network be interrupted, the Smart Controller can maintain equipment control using on-board logic and local sensing. This type of intelligence means you can achieve better performance without wasting energy or human captial and incurring unnecessary cost.

Furthermore, ExactAire data is accessible in a centralized user interface where users can set notifications, track trends, build reports. Stakeholders get the control, insight and documentation they need to operate more efficently and sustainably.

Native Measurements

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Status (equipment on/off)
  • Voltage
  • Analog Input
  • Contact

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System is designed to accommodate over 20+ measurements. Contact us with your requirements. 

Controlling conditions

Actively managing equipment and conditions is critical to driving down energy costs and reducing carbon footprint. The Smart Controller is the core intelligence of our ExactAire system that uses sensor data to efficiently optimize climate control technology. Automatically turning equipment on and off reduces risk and human intervention and provides a more sustainable, reliable, and effective solution than traditional methods.

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