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Remote Monitoring and Control, Temporary Climate Solutions

Moisture Mitigation for Mass Timber at Timberview VIII Affordable Housing Project

Truebeck Construction, a large west coast general contractor, is responsible for building Timberview VIII, an 8-story mixed-use, multi-family development in Portland, OR.

Remote Monitoring and Control, Temporary Climate Solutions

Minimizing energy usage in food processing plants to enhance sustainability

In response to the government's new greenhouse gas initiative, a leading food producer is enhancing its environmental responsibility. Since August 2023, Polygon has provided a year-round cooling solution to a Texas poultry plant. While managers were satisfied with 55-62% relative humidity and a temperature of 55°F, Polygon saw room for sustainable improvements. They identified equipment automation as a key opportunity for energy savings and improved workflows.

Document Recovery Solutions

Restoring Puerto Rican History after Hurricane Maria

The Archivo General de Puerto Rico (AGPR) is part of the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (ICP), the Government Agency responsible for researching, preserving, promoting, and disseminating Puerto Rican culture in its diversity and complexity. The Archivo General houses a vast collection of historical documents and items related to Puerto Rican heritage and culture. In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the region, causing damage to the roof of the building and eventually leading to problems with the integrity of the ceiling.

Remote Monitoring and Control, Temporary Climate Solutions

Managing humidity in a NCAA ice rink

Despite being thrilling venues for sports and recreation, indoor ice rinks are often faced with humidity challenges that cause condensation and fog. Humidity issues stem from various factors including arena spectators, rink users, inadequate ventilation, and temperature differentials. When moisture condenses on cold surfaces, such as ice, it can create disruptive fog and sweating or water droplets that cover seats, glass partitions, and the ice surface itself. If not addressed and managed properly issues like these can compromise playing conditions and venue revenues.

Remote Monitoring and Control, Temporary Climate Solutions, Emergency Drying Services

Remote monitoring expedites senior care center recovery from water damage

A newly constructed 103-suite senior living center in Oregon was 2 weeks away from opening when the fire suppression system malfunctioned. Despite being recently tested, a sprinkler on the second floor ran for over 100 minutes before someone was notified. Water cascaded over the freshly installed drywall, carpet, and surrounding materials. Emergency response companies were contracted to extract the water and start demolition.

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