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Hurricane Water Damage in Cultural Institute

Nearly 6 years after Hurricane Maria devastated the region, the historic documents in the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña (ICP) in Puerto Rico will be cleaned and restored. Similar to many businesses and organizations, it took time for museums and libraries to gain access to funding and find specialized service providers to support them on the island.

Document Recovery Solutions

Hurricane Sandy and the Financial Industry

Super Storm Sandy affected thousands of businesses on Wall Street and beyond. One particular financial firm faced potential damage to documents located in three sub-basements. For three days, materials were totally submerged.

Document Recovery Solutions

Restoring Chabad-Lubavitch priceless scripture

The Central Chabad Library is housed in the world headquarters of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Brooklyn, New York City. The library is home to 250,000 rare books, more than 100,000 letters, artifacts and pictures, and priceless scripture on Jewish topics that date back several hundred years. The library is in an area prone to heavy floods and storms, leaving the unique collection exposed to hazardous conditions and at risk of moisture damage. When disaster did hit, thankfully Polygon was able to come to the rescue.

Document Recovery Solutions

City of Stamford's 18th Century Books and Documents

When Lyda Ruijter was appointed City Clerk for the City of Stamford in Connecticut, she toured the city's buildings in pursuit of preservation. As the keeper of all records pertaining to Stamford and its residents, she knew she needed to take action when encountering a forgotten police precinct containing books, notes, and meeting minutes that tell the city’s 377-year-old story.

Document Recovery Solutions

Saving Chinese history post-fire at MOCA

In 2020, a devasting fire affected the Museum of Chinese in America in Manhattan's Chinatown, known as MOCA. At risk was a collection of 85,000 sculptures, textiles, photos and other rare historical artifacts. It took many people, companies, and volunteers to recover what items were salvageable. Polygon was honored to be a part of that team.

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