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City of Stamford's 18th Century Books and Documents

When Lyda Ruijter was appointed City Clerk for the City of Stamford in Connecticut, she toured the city's buildings in pursuit of preservation. As the keeper of all records pertaining to Stamford and its residents, she knew she needed to take action when encountering a forgotten police precinct containing books, notes, and meeting minutes that tell the city’s 377-year-old story.

In those materials were letters written by colonists, 18th-century land deeds, tax records from times when levies were issued on cows, and voter rolls for the first Stamford women allowed to take part in elections.

“For historians, this material is priceless,” said Ron Marcus of Stamford History Center who documented much of the city’s saga and join the clerk on her tours.

Polygon was contracted to support the mission. Our team inventoried the books, cleaned them, and properly stored them for future generations.

For more details on the treasures found in Stamford read the news article here: Old police station guards Stamford history (