Surface Preparation and Coatings

Polygon desiccant dehumidifiers created a revolution in the economics and quality of surface preparation and coating. Polygon enables owners to benefit from a much longer coating life, which can reduce life-cycle coating costs by as much as 20%. Polygon dehumidifiers will hold the blast between shifts, eliminating the need to paint up each day, reducing condensation problems, and improving coating productivity.

In the past, working conditions compromised coating choices. Polygon gives control of temperature and humidity, allowing the use of the correct coating without concern for conditions during application and cure.

Polygon provides engineered solutions with high-performance climate control equipment and 24/7 monitoring technology. Trained application specialists look at the specifications and logistics for each coatings project and determine the best course of action to complete the project most efficiently and cost-effectively. The end result is a project that stays on schedule with minimal downtime.


Options to Reduce Power Consumption

Finding power on any coatings project site can always be a challenge. Additionally, the costs for temporary power and fuel can be staggering. Polygon is the leader in the design and supply of the most energy-efficient equipment in the coatings market, allowing the contractor to save up to 40% on electrical requirements, as well as dehumidifiers that can burn natural gas or propane.

Marine Services

Whether it is a military ship, oil freighter, barge, or cruise ship, repairs must be made quickly. Polygon state-of-the-art equipment will enable the shipyard to repair or repaint at any time of the year. Even in the harshest winters, Polygon's complete suite of equipment will keep the condensation in check, allowing blasting while indirect fired heaters create the correct temperatures for coatings to cure.

Benefits of Utilizing Polygon

* World’s largest fleet of drying and climate control equipment

* Unrivaled technical engineering backed by 30 years of experience

* Energy efficient equipment reducing equipment operating cost by up to 40%

* Increased coatings life cycle and material performance

* Reduce Warranty Claims and meet coatings specifications

* Hold the blast, reduce the number of days onsite and eliminate weather related delays