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Polygon helps the project teams ensure proper building acclimation and moisture management of mass timber structures. With real-time environmental and wood moisture monitoring coupled with high-performance equipment, contractors have 24/7 visibility and control of the space protecting materials and their schedule.

The use of mass timber like CLT, glulam, and other engineered products is increasing. General contractors and manufacturers are taking extra precautions to protect these materials throughout the lifecycle. Mass timber Lifecycle.jpg
Overdying the mass timber could lead to structural defects like cracking, checking and delamination, where under drying or excessive moisture could extend timelines and lead to staining, degradation and mold. Monitoring ambient temperature and relative humidity alongside the wood moisture content could help project teams better manage conditions and avoid issues. 

  • Know moisture content levels as climate and project stages change
  • Manage climate control equipment to optmize conditions and drying schedule
  • Leverage trend analysis to inform jobsite activities and scheduling decisions
  • Create a historical record of how things changed overtime
  • Protect building and materials against potential leaks and humidity fluctuations

"It’s great to be able to show, without any question, that conditions are right.  It removes any doubt and helps us keep things on track and moving forward.”

- Joel Bennett, Project Manager of Hoffman Skanska

What to expect in a mass timber moisture management solution:

  • Continous Temp/RH sensors and wood mositure content sensors with live dashboards and mobile alerts
  • An engineered temporary climate solution to satisfy specified conditions. May include combination of humidity control, temperature control, or air filtration and ventilation.
  • Smart controls to modulate equipment based on real-time data
  • Operational suppport to ensure a succesful installation and performance throughout the project

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