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Emergency Drying Services
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Rental Equipment Fleet

Polygon’s climate control equipment and IoT solutions can be used to temporarily control conditions, diagnose or monitor conditions, or serve as a proof-of-concept or temporary stopgap for your operations. With experience from more than 30,000 projects, we have the ‘know-how’ and the equipment to help you create and maintain ideal conditions efficiently, sustainably, and economically.

ExactAire® IoT

Remote monitoring and control provides real-time data on environmental conditions such as temp/RH, IAQ, toxic gasses, and water leaks. Not only does it alert, report, and visualize conditions, but it can also monitor and modulate equipment based on data. Use ExactAire to manage a spec, diagnose issues, support LEED/WELL certification, mitigate risk, improve operations, or reduce energy consumption.

Desiccant dehumidifiers and Hybrid/HCU

We offer a full line of energy-efficient desiccant dehumidifiers including all-electric, gas-reactivation, and hybrid models. With ranges from 300 to 15,000 CFM, we can achieve the driest air ensuring complete protection against moisture-related problems.

Industrial Air Conditioners

Direct expansion (DX units) air conditioners provide humidity control while also cooling spaces. We offer a range of models from 1-ton spot coolers to 80-ton industrial units.

Chillers, Cooling Coils, and Air Handlers

Polygon has air handlers from 30 to 200 tons and cooling coil modules to match up with all sizes of desiccant dehumidifiers we offer. We also have a fleet of air-cooled chillers capable of supporting all project types and sizes.


We carry a wide range of heating equipment, including electric, indirect gas-fired, makeup air gas-fired, diesel, self-contained, and steam options. Whether you require a standalone heating system or wish to integrate it seamlessly with dehumidification equipment, our versatile offerings can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Air Filtration, Blowers and Fans, and Humidifiers

Polygon also offers ancillary and complementary equipment and supplies. These include standalone or integrated HEPA air filtration, industrial high-static exhaust blowers and fans, and humidification equipment like evaporative coolers or steam injection systems.