AMRestore: Now Part of the Polygon Family

Document Recovery Solutions
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In August 2019, we welcomed AMRestore to the Polygon family of companies. Serving the American Mid-Atlantic, AMRestore is a Residential and Commercial Contents Restoration, Cleaning, and Moving Specialist. AMRestore performs pack-outs and moving as well as the restoration of books, documents, and personal property. We are excited to add their personnel and capabilities to the Polygon Group.

While Polygon has long been the industry leader in temporary climate control and document recovery, this acquisition expands our capabilities even further.

Art & Collectibles Conservation

Artworks encompass an extraordinary range of media, materials, techniques, and values. They are inherently fragile and when displayed their elevated location often places them directly in the path of heat and fire residues.

AMRestore handles treats and restores various art media types such as:

  • Paintings- oil, watercolor, all media, etc.
  • Prints- lithographs, posters, memorabilia, etc.
  • Pictures- on film or photographic paper, duplication as requested
  • Object- sculptures, busts, statues, glasswork, various media, etc.

Book Restoration, Cleaning and Binding

With a team of dedicated technicians who utilize a state-of-the-art, high-capacity document freeze-dry chamber and a specialized cleaning lab, ensuring the thorough and timely restoration of your books. From family volumes to antiquarian tomes, you can count on AMRestore.

Document Freeze Drying and Restoration

AMRestore has the latest large-capacity document freeze-drying technology to perform any sized paper reclamation project. They can restore your critical documents if damaged by a disaster, moisture, or insects. While simultaneously, preventing ongoing and further damage to valuable business papers, books, and various film types.

Personal Property Restoration

If fire, soot, or water has touched treasured goods, they must be immediately restored. AMRestore restores what is valued most by customers with state-of-the-art cleaning technology. Along with service, systems, and software which create a customer-centric and extremely streamlined process when you need full service, complete contents restoration solutions.

Packout & Moving

AMRestore contents specialists can quickly pack and inventory these contents to move them safely out of the way, dispose of designated items, and return and organize them as needed for the hoarding environment. We welcome and encourage you to tour our nationally recognized, state-of-the-art facility at any time or speak directly with the technicians handling your property.