Temporary Structure Climate Solutions

Temporary Climate Solutions
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Temporary Structure Climate Solutions

Polygon offers engineered temporary climate solutions for temporary structures, keeping them safe and comfortable for the people using them. Working with Polygon, your temporary structure will be set up with durable and energy-efficient climate control equipment in no time.

How can temporary structures benefit from climate control?

Whether temporary structures are utilized in an emergency situation or not, they tend to provide shelter for people, products, equipment, or a combination of all three. When conditions like extreme temperatures and excess moisture come into play, it can make these structures very uncomfortable for that inside, not to mention subject products and equipment to damage. It’s important that steps are taken to control temperature and humidity levels, particularly in an emergency situation.

Polygon’s engineered solutions are made up of compactly packaged air conditioners, high static air-handlers, industrial dehumidifiers, and high purity HEPA filtration systems.  Easily suitable with FDA-approved flexible ducting and visibility with 24/7  remote monitoring allowing for complete climate control. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of those inside temporary structures, Polygon offers expertise and top-of-the-line equipment.

In times of need, Polygon is always by your side.

There are times when temporary structures are put in place because there are no other options. They provide the flexibility and shelter that can make a serious difference in dire situations. Polygon’s knowledge and expertise can go a long way in these dire situations when it comes to making those inside temporary structures comfortable and safe. Emergencies tend to present numerous problems. So, when it comes to controlling climate conditions inside temporary structures, know that Polygon is always by your side.