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Polygon offers engineered solutions for indoor growers, creating the ideal environment for a variety of crops. Rugged, compact, easily transported, energy-efficient, and quick to set up, Polygon can equip your grow room with everything needed to maximize cultivation and increase profits.

The Climate in Greenhouses and Indoor Cultivation

Flowers, vegetables, cannabis, spices, or fruits, whatever the product may be, any grower can attest to the fact that managing crops is a challenge.  Growing indoors can somewhat reduce the challenges but managing humidity, temperature, and light remain key concerns. Most growing facilities have permanent HVAC systems, as well as high-quality fans, lighting, watering systems, and so on.  Despite this equipment, many challenges still exist. 

A common issue involves seasonality – as in, the ambient temperature outside impacting the indoor facilities’ ability to maintain temperatures and/or humidity.  Summer is the biggest culprit with temperature spikes and air conditioning systems struggling to maintain optimum growing temperatures. In the winter, with dry, cold ambient air, condensation can form indoors and become an issue.  Regardless of the seasons, while plants grow and water consumption adjusts during the growth, controlling humidity can become a regular struggle, especially towards harvest time when mold growth becomes a strong possibility.

Rental Equipment Helps Greenhouses and Indoor Grow Facilities

Despite these challenges, growth in greenhouses and indoor facilities continues to rise in popularity.  As greenhouses expand and grow facilities become larger, equipment costs also rise. The capital expenditures to buy a permanent system can be a massive expense for many growers before the first tomato or herb is even sold. Some growers who operate greenhouse facilities are unaware of temporary climate systems. Polygon offers temporary dehumidifier rentals as well as portable commercial air conditioners.  The fact is using a temporary climate control system can be very affordable, as well as convenient. 

Our rental dehumidifiers can be set on a humidistat (a device that activates the dehumidifier when a level of humidity is reached) can help in many ways, at a surprisingly low cost.  Using Polygon rental dehumidifiers can help maintain ideal growing conditions, reduce the chance of mold growth, as well as help deliver healthy crops. All of these benefits help growers capitalize on delivering (selling) the greatest amount of crops, not to mention reducing worry about the humidity conditions.

I have worked with Polygon for a few years now and they are easy to work with, responsive and extremely knowledgeable!

- Jason Eliot, Facility Engineer at Happy Valley Ventures, LLC

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