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Podcast: Indoor Air Quality in Data Centers

Monitoring hyper-scale data centers require significant planning, understanding of pain points, and innovative solutions. Data center infrastructure management includes tools for monitoring, measuring, and managing data centers. The global DCIM market was estimated at $2 billion in 2022. It is projected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 11.9% from 2022 to 2026, reaching $2.9 billion.

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In this growing market, implementation has evolved considerably, and Polygon is at the forefront of changes. Polygon’s turnkey IoT solutions mitigate risks proactively instead of reactively. “Polygon has the ability to continuously evolve and keep up with all the new developments and the demands from not only the building owners but the general contractors. So we have done a considerable amount of transitioning, improvement, and stellar technology that we’re now currently using,” said Tina York, Polygon’s Director of Client Development.

Though data centers don’t have a lot of internal walls, the expansive spaces include large pieces of equipment. “Now we’re using this lower frequency that is 915 megahertz, and it really penetrates through or finds its way around it so that we can get these sensors that are wireless and battery operated to communicate back to what is called the base station or gateway,” said David Simkins, Polygon’s Director of Engineering and Technology.

The team has seen an increase in clients requesting sensors to detect efficiencies. “We see the movement, and it’s not slowing down, having technology that we can actually bring into a project that supports their goals and carbon reduction footprint. And having the data available to show building owners that they’re being diligent and implementing the right processes is instrumental,” said York. With Polygon’s leak detection, the sensors can alert stakeholders to issues early. “These areas and the things we’re measuring can get remediated or shut down quite quickly, which means less business interruption, a quicker construction schedule,” said Simkins.

The green effort umbrella includes monitoring indoor air quality so that employees in the center are confident that the air quality is safe. Monitoring consists of a wide range of levels. Alerts are sent to managers via email or text so the team can act quickly. In this episode, learn more about Polygon’s custom DCIM solutions, and subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen.

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Key Points

  • A consultative approach to data center IAQ leads to more effective IoT solutions
  • Connected sensors provide 24-hr monitoring of temp, humidity, PM2.5, formaldehyde, CO2
  • Autonomously controlling equipment maintains specs and minimizes energy consumption

IAQ and Climate Control for DCMI

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