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Can Flood Damaged Documents Sink a Company?

Even a multi-billion-dollar corporation like Sony isn’t immune to natural disasters and the destruction – such as flood damaged documents – they can bring. Ravaged by last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan, plus flooding in Thailand, the electronics giant reported a record annual loss of $5.7 billion dollars.

Although the disasters weren’t the only cause of Sony’s flagging performance (this marked the company’s fourth straight year of operating in the red), they were cited as a major factor. The fact of the matter is, between infrastructure damage, loss of equipment and dealing with flood damaged documents, a large-scale disaster can deliver a devastating blow to even the healthiest companies.

While these phenomena aren’t always predictable, and certainly aren’t preventable, businesses can increase their chances of survival by preparing ahead of time. One of the smartest disaster preparation moves a company can make is establishing a relationship now with a reputable recovery firm that offers vacuum freeze drying, a fast and reliable way to dry flood damaged documents in order to quickly return your company to normal operations.

By arranging for vacuum freeze drying services in advance, companies can save precious time they would otherwise have to spend searching for provider at the last minute. After all, when a major storm or earthquake hits, you can bet you won’t be the only one looking to dry flood damaged documents. By signing up for a service such as our Rapid Response Program, you can ensure your recovery project will be at the top of the list.


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