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Cheese company suffers fire damage

The Pine River Cheese and Butter Co-op suffered major fire damage after a September 7, 2010 blaze broke out in the northwest corner of the building, causing smoke and water damage throughout the facility. As a result, the food processing facility will be closed during the remediation process. The cause of the fire is unknown.

“The Lucknow Sentinel” reports the roofing system will be changed and cleaned because of smoke damage. The Pine River Cheese and Butter Co-op’s board of directors have opened a temporary retail store and offices during the clean-up. Additionally, those who previously worked in the damaged plant have new responsibilities to help clean and repair the facility so they do not suffer a loss of income.

Aside from the obvious consequences of the fire, the disaster was also detrimental to business matters. It is reported that the Pine River Cheese and Butter Co-op was working towards sealing a deal with retail giant Wal-Mart and was preparing for the holiday season before the incident. Now these matters are forced to be on the backburner until the plant is operational again.

Like the Pine River Cheese and Butter Co-op, it is important that companies have a business disaster plan should the unthinkable ever happen. The disaster preparations should include a plan to recover and a business continuity plan so business operations can still take place. The recovery process, however, is not just about fixing a damaged building. It also includes plans to restore wet documents and remediate mold damage.

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