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Climate Control for Nuclear Detectors

As an industry leader in climate control systems, Polygon works to provide the necessary equipment and engineering to meet the needs of its clients.

For Silverside Detectors, a start-up developing new ways to detect nuclear radiation, large investments in equipment and infrastructure were not viable options. The company needed a temporary solution to research, design, and ultimately, to build their product.

To achieve the conditions set forth by Silverside, Polygon designed and implemented a strategy for a temporary climate controlled facility. The end product was a room capable of meeting the low dew points needed for the production of the lithium based devices designed by Silverside Detectors.

Silverside Detectors builds detectors that sense the presence of nuclear materials, thereby enabling governments to protect their cities from nuclear terrorism. This innovative technology that heightens cities’ preparedness cannot afford to be compromised during production. This is why climate control is crucial to their process.

To learn more about Silverside Detectors and to see the facility at Polygon’s Headquarters in North Andover, Massachusetts, follow the link below.

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