Blog – Water and Storm Damage

Computer glitch causes water damage

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that a computer glitch caused a big problem for the residents of Cedar Hills, Utah. The error caused a water tank to dump “tens of thousands of gallons of water” in to streets and a home on Saturday morning. The tank can push 7,000 gallons of water out per minute.

The water flowed down a hill to Canyon Road, bringing rocks and other items in its path with it. Officials think the computer malfunction was caused by an electrical storm the previous day, which threw-off sensors that indicate when tanks are full of water.

“Most of the water stayed in a flood channel built by the city, although a clog in the channel forced some water into the front yard and driveway of one home.”

These home videos shot by a resident of Cedar Hills show the muddy water flowing down a hill, towards a home.

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