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Document Recovery for Books, Papers, and Files After Floods, Fires, and Water Damage

When wet or moldy books, papers, and files are damaged, they can be saved. If you are recovering from property damage and don’t know what to do with damaged papers or books, Polygon can help. As one of the country’s longest-serving providers for document recovery, Polygon has both the equipment and experienced staff to handle even the most severely damaged paper product. Moldy books, water-soaked files, photographs, or medical records, all of these items can be salvaged.

After some form of property damage, restoring the building or home back to normal is typically
the most important goal. Many people don’t know what to do with content or how to save
books, papers, family photographs, or even important business documents. For decades now,
Polygon has been an industry leader in book and document recovery. When you don’t know
what to do with those books or papers, we can help.

Polygon facilities have freeze-dried chambers for books, and drying chambers for paper items,
including photographs, medical files, legal documents, blueprints, and more. All of these
documents can be professionally dried and restored to usable condition again. If books or
papers have mold, dirt, or other debris, cleaning is available. All of these treatments can help
you maintain important records and continue your business operations. Polygon’s document
drying services help preserve cherished family photographs or valuable memorabilia.

If water, fire, or other destruction has affected books, papers, photographs, or other paper
items, Polygon can help by:

  • Professionally packing and removing your files, books, and other paper products to our
    drying chambers
  • Cleaning all mold, dirt, debris from paper products, providing disinfection and odor
  • Knowledgeably drying all paper at an ideal rate to prevent further damage from over-
    drying or drying too quickly/slowly
  • Returning all files, books in organized, labeled boxes for easy return and/or retrieval
  • If removing valuable or sensitive documents is not possible, Polygon can set up a
    temporary drying chamber on-site, if needed for privacy or security reasons

When documents or books are wet, damaged, and need to be saved, Polygon is your choice for
restoring these items. Trust the industry leader in document recovery to professionally restore
any of these damaged paper items. Using state-of-the-art drying chambers and the latest
methods, Polygon is the choice for all your book, photograph, and document drying needs. The
Polygon staff is ready to help you save those important items and get everything back to you.

Contact our document recovery team if you need book or document recovery services:

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