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Fire Safety in the Fall & Winter Months

The colder weather means it is time to put wood on the fireplace and turn on the heaters. Because the fall and winter months bring cause for celebrations, the risk of house fires is greater because of all the heating equipment used. In honor of the upcoming Fire Prevention Week, consider the following fire safety tips for when the weather turns cold.

Fall and Winter Fire Safety Tips

  • If you have a fireplace, make sure you know how the flue works and have a certified chimney sweep clean your chimney.
  • Cover the front of the fireplace with a screen to help control sparks.
  • Dispose of ashes from the fireplace in a metal container kept outside of the home.
  • Keep space heaters at least 3-feet away from walls, furniture and any other items in a room.
  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside of every bedroom. Make sure the smoke alarms you already have in your home work.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on every level of your home, in an easy-to-find location. Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and one near the fireplace.
  • Use holiday decorations that are flame resistance.
  • Only use indoor decorative lights inside your home; use outdoor decorative lights outside. Use clips instead of nails to hang strands of lights.
  • Keep candles away from holiday decorations. Never leave candles unattended, particularly around children and pets.
  • While cooking, do not leave food on the stovetop unattended.

[photo: Paul Sapiano]

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