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Humidity Control for Harvest in Greenhouses and Cultivation Facilities

Humidity can become a major concern when the initial grow is concluding in greenhouses and interior cultivation facilities. When the grow period is over and harvest approaches, many indoor farmers are concerned about the level of moisture. The cultivation period becomes a critical time to manage humidity and prevent mold growth, rot, and over saturated plants. The use of a desiccant dehumidifier or temporary climate control system can help deliver optimal humidity levels to ensure healthy, fully developed plants.

Controlling Moisture During Harvest

Indoor cultivation has risen in popularity in recent years and the challenges associated with this nascent industry are equally popular topics of discussion.  Lighting, temperature control and managing humidity are among the top three equipment related concerns.  When it comes time for harvest, humidity is perhaps chief among these. Artificial lighting and water are delivered in intervals to help many plants grow indoors but at the time of harvest, the plants require low light, and water and humidity needs to be managed, eliminating any latent moisture and lowering the atmospheric conditions.  

Rental Dehumidifiers to Manage Moisture

A desiccant dehumidifier helps achieve humidity and climate goals in an interior grow facility.  A rental dehumidifier can be installed and set to maintain ideal conditions and at specific times before, during and after harvest.  Dehumidification units will operate for however long they are needed, helping deliver healthy and fully developed plants. A greenhouse or cultivation facility may have a permanent HVAC system incorporating dehumidification, but more often than not the permanent dehumidifier working with the permanent system helps maintain a nominal level of moisture control.  When harvest time arrives, and the hundreds, perhaps thousands of plants need to shed excess moisture, additional drying may be required.  

Curing and Drying Plants

Depending on the product, a period of drying or curing may take place when moisture again becomes a concern.  Use cannabis cultivation for instance; indoor facilities will harvest the plants and then transfer the plants to be dried or cured.  During the time the plants are trying to release moisture, which raises the interior atmospheric conditions, this function can work against the process. That moisture needs to be eliminated and this is where a rental dehumidifier can be just the piece of equipment that is needed.  

When used in conjunction with a permanent HVAC system, a rental dehumidifier helps an interior cultivation operation in several ways.  A dehumidifier will help lower humidity and reduce vapor pressure during final cultivation stages, as well as during the curing or drying period. Also, a temporary dehumidifier will assist the permanent system in operating more efficiently.  In addition, there are no large capital investments or system upgrade costs.  A rental dehumidifier only requires a monthly rental expenditure and fuel. 

How can Polygon help your greenhouse or indoor grow facility?

Contact your local Polygon representative about renting a temporary solution for your greenhouse or indoor grow facility. This is the 2ndin a series of blog posts about the ideal climate conditions during the various stages of the horticultural process.


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