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Historic House Burns in Tennessee

A historic home on Guyler Street in Ringgold, Tenn. caught fire earlier this week. Catoosa fire fighters quickly jumped into action and saved the home from being completely destroyed. Experts guess the fire started in the attic or on the roof, which were being renovated.

The emergency workers stated there were a lot of obstacles they had to face while trying to save the 10,000-square-foot home: wood that’s dry and old, outside wind, and carrying firefighting equipment up a flight of stairs. The attic of the home was destroyed by the flames while the first and second floors experienced water damage.

Investigators are looking into how the 137-year-old home caught fire.

A house fire can cause more than burns in a home. Damage from smoke and the water used to put the flames out can cause unexpected damage to items in a home. Historic homes will no doubt have old books and antique photos that can be compromised. A disaster restoration company can help restore old photos damaged in the events of a fire and dry out wet books and important documents.

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