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Are you part of the 3%? Humidity and controlling the climate in Greenhouses and Cultivation Facilities

Growing cannabis and produce indoors faces several hurdles before it becomes a successful harvest. Amongst all of the challenges, sitting high on the list is controlling humidity, but despite the common agreement that managing humidity is difficult, a unified approach or agreement on levels cannot be found.

When managing a greenhouse and growing any form of produce indoors, even cannabis, discussing temperature and humidity has become an interesting topic. Some recent surveys indicate that growers have many different opinions regarding humidity and best practices on equipment. 

Humidity, Dehumidifiers, Greenhouses and Growers

For those who operate green houses or interior cultivation spaces, humidity is a common concern, with implementing climate control equipment a standard practice. Despite the shared concerns and need for equipment, an agreement about the levels of humidity, what stages in the grow to control humidity, the level of concern growers have for humidity, and the type of equipment to use, is all up for debate.  

According to recent studies, there is little to no agreement about how you should control the climate in these spaces. Furthermore, there is virtually no agreement on ideal humidity levels during certain stages (such as flowering stages or in a clone room). There are so many different approaches and levels of concern that only 3% of greenhouse growers stated that humidity is NOT a concern in their day-to-day operation.  If you’re still reading, perhaps you’re part of the 97% and may require dehumidification or climate control equipment soon. 

Humidity Levels and Climate Concerns

With disagreement among so many interior growers about humidity levels and equipment, it may appear as though this is a haphazard process – but it’s not.  The fact is, growers are all unique and they may choose to handle their crops differently.  More importantly, each grower faces unique conditions and obstacles.  While one grower may not be concerned with humidity in the flowering room, he/she may also be very concerned during the final stage of flowering – for whatever reason. Ambient conditions may play a role or the type of equipment they have at their disposal.  

One key response is that roughly 80% of growers agree that at some point during their growing period, humidity must be controlled.  Humidity plays a key role, both good and bad.  The humidity and moisture in a greenhouse or interior grow facility are essential for plants to grow.  If this same moisture is not controlled later in the growing period problems can develop, especially mold concerns, threatening to wipe out their whole harvest. While wide spread agreement about humidity does exist, the fact is, not every greenhouse is the same, nor are all of the factors, which leads us to discuss equipment.

Temporary Climate Control Equipment

If these growers all face different scenarios (leading to their divergent opinions on humidity and equipment), what do they do to react and control humidity/temperature when it becomes a concern? Most greenhouses and interior grow facilities have installed permanent HVAC systems, including dehumidifiers to help control humidity.  As stated, with so many different scenarios at work, the equipment installed may not be adequate for those certain moments when ambient temperatures or interior loads reach peak levels. 

Other reasons for differing opinions about humidity and equipment may be centered around knowledge of the equipment, cost concerns, lack of resources, or other factors.  Why so many growers have different approaches and beliefs about humidity is unclear.  Rental solutions exist to help with humidity on a long or short-term basis but it is possible that some growers are unaware of temporary climate control solutions, thinking only that they must buy permanent systems. Rather than investing in costly permanent systems to use for short periods of time, the answer for many growers may be a rental solution.

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