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Midwestern flooding begins early

Missouri and Illinois are not unaccustomed to having parts of the state flood when the waters rise in the spring or summer. But recent floods have been baffling scientists as rivers crest and spill water into places that are typically dry this time of year.

Record rainfall was recorded for the month of October as rivers rose and flash floods invaded vulnerable areas. This event was called a monsoon by meteorologists. The waters that caused recent floods are not at the levels as devastating floods in the past had risen to, but the problem being caused by the waters is that they are flooding farmlands vital to the economy.

The Illinois AP News reports:

“The most significant flooding along the Mississippi was expected to be at Cape Girardeau in the southern part of Missouri. The weather service expects the river to crest 9 feet above flood stage on Wednesday. The community is protected by a flood wall, and no significant problems are expected.”

When unexpected events like this happen, it is not uncommon for one to wonder if they have the proper insurance coverage for unexpected floods. Does the insurance policy even cover water damage? 

There are also important steps one can take to make sure one is prepared for a flood. Businesses in particular need to be prepared for events such as flooding, and being ready only takes a little time and forethought. / CC BY 2.0

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