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New Hampshire school damaged by flood

South Meadow School in Peterborough, New Hampshire recently welcomed a new school-year, but had to work harder than usual to re-open its doors. A couple days before school started, the school suffered major flood damage that came with hard rains that were too much for the school’s drainage system.

Flood waters went as high as 6-inches on the school building, soaking carpets, school equipment, classrooms, and drywall. When the news of the flood reached the facilities director, he immediately followed the guidelines of the school’s emergency disaster plan and gathered the maintenance crew to begin the clean-up process before calling-in professionals to assist.

The quick thinking and fast actions of all involved saved the school from thousands of dollars of future expenses. The actions taken saved the school from further damage from the flood waters and prevented damaging mold-growth.

The staff members at the school follow a business continuity plan and set-up make-shift offices in different locations of the school and even utilized the high school’s building during the flood recovery process. The attitude of the school staff remained positive as they saw the flood damage as a means to do some much-needed reorganizing.

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