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Pennsylvania KidsPeace suffers losses from fire and water damage

The KidsPeace residential center in North Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania reported a fire early on Thursday morning. None of the resident youth or staff were injured. Firefighters were on the scene from about 3:00 am to 7:00 pm. It is believed a circuit breaker in the building failed, causing the fire.

KidsPeace is a private charity that serves children and teens. Services offered at their various locations include behavioral and psychiatric services, residential group homes, foster care services, juvenile justice programs, and alternative education for those who struggle in their school of origin.

Mark Stubis, a spokesperson for KidsPeace, was complimentary when he spoke about the staff that dealt with the incident, saying: “Fortunately our people reacted quickly and very well. The alarm went off, the sprinkler system started working and the local fire departments put out the fire. Our warmest thanks go to the local fire departments.”

Stubis also spoke about the upcoming difficulties the center will face as it begins the restoration process: “Our biggest challenge now is getting clean drinking water.” also reports the building that housed the youth not only suffered extensive fire damage, but also significant water damage in several parts of the building as a result of the sprinkler system.

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