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Planning Ahead: Temporary Climate Control for Winter Construction

Temperatures are finally starting to drop all over the US. It’s starting to feel like fall everywhere you look, whether that’s your coffee shop menu or the trees outside your window. And while everyone should enjoy this new season, certain industries need to turn their eyes forward to a much harsher season that is around the corner. Contractors and construction teams need to know exactly how they will handle low temperatures and keep their winter projects on schedule.

How Low Temperatures Affect Construction Schedules

If temperatures get too low, they can make a negative impact on three different aspects of a construction project. First and most importantly, cold weather can have a serious impact on workplace safety and productivity for construction crews. With construction sites already coming with their fair share of dangerous elements, limiting workers’ focus and putting them in danger. The other aspects, materials, and specifications, are related. Different materials react differently to low temperatures, but most react in some way. So, if materials are installed in low temperatures, they will change in size when temperatures are regulated in the later stages of the project schedule. This is one of the many reasons that specifications are put in place for the installation of different materials. The structural integrity of buildings can be at risk if specifications are not followed. In addition to the temperature, winter can make relative humidity on a worksite unpredictable, also impacting materials.

How to Combat Winter Temperatures on the Worksite

While crews can occasionally catch a break and experience a week of temperate weather in December, they should always be ready for a temperature drop. Those temperate weeks might make the purchase of heaters and dehumidifiers an inefficient use of funds. Luckily, rental equipment is available. If you rent from the right company, you won’t only get great equipment, but experts that come along to make sure the equipment is used in a way that will most benefit the worksite.

Keeping Winter Construction Projects on Track with Polygon

Polygon can help construction crews control humidity and temperature. Our engineered solutions can deliver just the right amount of drying or heating needed to maintain ideal conditions. As is true in most situations, time is money on the construction site. Staying on schedule is important, and Mother Nature doesn’t keep that in mind. Polygon knows this, which is why we stand ready with industry-leading equipment and a team of experts dedicated to maintaining ideal conditions on your construction site.

Start preparing for your winter projects now and contact our team today.

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