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Polygon: Making a Global Difference, Locally

As a global company, we at Polygon feel a responsibility to impact the world positively. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to offer a full range of climate solutions and restoration services that ultimately have a positive impact on the environment. We accomplish that goal by working with clients locally.

Polygon Helps Businesses Reduce Their Impact on the Planet

Polygon offers innovative drying technology that enables business owners and facility managers to get their indoor work environments back to working condition. This makes our business model “green” by its very nature. Our restoration services seek to conserve the planet’s resources by refurbishing the damaged property businesses already have in place, significantly reducing the need for purchasing replacement inventory and equipment. This directly impacts the environment by reducing or eliminating raw material sourcing, processing, manufacturing, energy consumption, and distribution. It also helps limit the disposal of waste to landfills. In addition to the nature of our work, Polygon goes green by using energy efficient equipment that uses less fuel and recycles its own byproducts into future production.

In the years since our founding, we have completed over 4,000 construction drying projects on over 30,000 water damaged environments. For electrical and IT equipment, we currently achieve a restoration rate more than 50 percent. For lightly and moderately damaged goods, our restoration rate is over 96 percent.

We Also Save Resources through Our Internal Processes

At Polygon, we are inspired to make a difference every day by not only in what we do but also in how we do it. We continuously monitor our internal processes to minimize any impact we have on water, waste, and energy. In the UK, for example, we created an initiative called Lightfoot that supplies feedback to vehicle drivers intended to help them improve their driving patterns to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. The result? Our carbon emissions have been reduced by five percent, with a goal of increasing to ten percent in the near future.

Polygon Epitomizes the Concept “Think Globally and Act Locally”

At Polygon, we have both a global perspective and local reach in helping businesses come back from disaster. The philosophy producing much of Polygon’s success as a global leader is our focus on people first, products second, and profits last. Our brand promise is “always by your side.” We strive to truly understand our customers’ needs in to drive our continuous development as a global leader in lessening the impact to the planet.

Visit us online to learn more about the Polygon story and how we can be a partner to you should you need us.

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