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Prevent mold damage on art and family heirlooms

The cold weather months are some of the wettest of the year. Consequently, the extra humidity creates the perfect environment for mold to grow in a home. While your works of art, photographs, antiques and family heirlooms may have the protection of the roof in your home, they may be susceptible to mold damage if you do not display or store them properly.

Areas to Avoid Displaying Valuables

Laundry room: the washer and drier create a humid environment that can tarnish fine metals, warp paper and be an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Bathroom: water and moisture are always present in the bathroom. Hence, the reason many household mold and mildew removers are targeted for use in this room.

Kitchen: keep all art and photographs away from the sink area, food preparation and cooking surfaces and the areas around an oven and dishwasher. The heat, moisture, food particles and oil in a kitchen will cut the life of your valuables short.

Near windows: windows tend to reflect the weather outside, especially if not sealed well. It is best to keep your heirloom books, photographs and antique findings off a windowsill.

By heating vents, air conditioners, radiators, air purifiers and humidifiers: while practical for maintaining a constant temperature in a home, these items are not art-friendly.

By a hot lamp or in an area that receives direct sunlight: the sun’s UV rays will quickly fade any art it touches. Hot lamps can cause art and photographs to become dry and crack.

The ideal, low moisture temperature for art, antiques and family heirlooms is 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your valuables in the same environment you enjoy—one that is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Should your antiques, photographs and art experience mold damage, contact a restoration specialist as soon as you notice the problem. These professionals have state of the art equipment that can clean, dry and restore your irreplaceable valuables.

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