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Temporary Climate Control Solutions Promote a Stable Environment During Hotel Construction

Since HVAC systems are intended for long-term use within completed structures, they are often hazardous when placed in buildings under construction. When used during the construction phase, these systems are vulnerable to infiltration by a variety of harmful mold, bacteria, dust, debris, and other contaminants that can lead to health problems and other issues down the road. Further, designed to cool and heat occupants—not construction sites—these systems can create excessive moisture on the premises, wreaking havoc on materials.

Broad Outreach, Versatile Solutions

With hygiene a priority concern for hotels, construction-resultant pollutants within an HVAC system can be quite detrimental. Avoidable illnesses retroactive to microbial intrusion during a structure’s construction period must be prevented at all costs. This is where Polygon steps in.

With 4,300 employees in 14 countries and more than 300 depots around the globe, we are able to maintain a local presence and remain close to our customers. Founded in 1955, the company has risen to prominence as the industry leader in Europe for all things desiccant dehumidification; and today, its numerous employees know there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to climate control.

Polygon Sales and Marketing Associate Elisa M. Ross said her company possesses the versatility to tackle unforeseen obstacles when hotel construction is underway.

“You'll have to take into account safety, materials, warranties, production schedules, as well as production budget,” she said. “Although the hotel is under construction, in the end, it will provide lodging for many people and definitely want to ensure the overall structure is a safe, healthy, and fully-functioning environment for all occupants.”

Increasing Climate Control Awareness

Ross emphasized the widespread awareness that is required for the establishment of new, climate-controlled structures on a more permanent basis.

“Because we provide temporary climate solutions, there is a need to provide information to continue to keep those in the industry well-informed,” she said.

Having completed over 4,000 construction drying projects, and with additional expertise acquired via the successful drying of over 30,000 water-damaged environments, Polygon knows how to effectively preserve a structure in jeopardy. Their specialists install clean, sustainable ventilation systems, enabling environmental control to ensure fewer losses and setbacks during hotel construction, leading to lower costs and a more efficient workflow.

Keeping Projects On Time and On Budget

In addition, helping to deliver a better-finished product on construction projects, Polygon controls moisture and temperatures on sites, eliminating delays or material replacement costs through the prevention of mold growth, metalwork corrosion, structural deterioration, and chemical breakdowns in finishes and adhesives. Further, their superior solutions efficiently dry a large swath of building materials—drywall mud, paint, and finishes, as well as interior hardwoods, millwork, and wood framing. Significant moisture from concrete slabs are especially hard to remove, but Polygon prides itself on drying all types of surfaces—quickly, safely with worker safety, improved installation, and reduced delays at the forefront of their agenda

Anticipating the Worst-Case Scenario

Unexpected water damages and other malfunctions are also taken into account to anticipate areas of structural vulnerability long before disaster strikes. Polygon’s customer-centered, complimentary custom engineered climate solution for preventative measures helps delineate specific weaknesses in a facility, setting an action plan in place to recover should the worst occur. Further, Polygon’s global nexus of local entrepreneurs is customer-oriented, honing in on affordability and the best fit for each structure to implement top service and unique configurations.

Polygon to the Rescue

Whatever one’s climate control needs may require, Polygon is at the ready with a proven record of successful construction site and emergency drying methods. Equipped with state-of-the-art drying technology and tenured specialists in site protection operations, Polygon is committed to delivering optimal temperature and humidity control options to their clients. Ultimately, while the company’s cooling solutions may be temporary, their impact is long-lasting.

Learn more about Polygon’s Construction Drying Services today!

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