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Water damage in the news

Several areas of the United States were affected by water damage and mold recently, and the damage was substantial enough to make headlines.

Water Damage at the Missouri Historical Society

The Missouri Historical Society suffered water damage, reports, when the sprinkler system failed and turned itself on without the presence of a fire.

The water damaged documents include state documents and agency reports from the 1970s to 1980s. Fortunately, the damaged documents were all copies and no original materials were damaged.

San Diego Condo Suffers Water Damage

A fire at a San Diego condo near Petco Park caused water damage in about 24 condominiums when the sprinkler system went off. reports the fire may have been started by an electrical malfunction. The blaze greatly affected about 4 condos and caused severe water damage. The other 20 condos suffered only from water damage.

Water Damage Causes Sickening Mold Growth

The Courier-Post reported on a situation at the Baldwin’s Run Townhomes about how water damage needs to be dealt with quickly.

Residents began unexplainably falling ill with allergy problems, headaches, rashes, asthma, stomach aches, and other maladies.

Residents had complained to their property manager about known water damage to the homes and even spoke up about their suspicions of mold growth for about a year. Leaks, caused by a construction error, were found throughout the townhouses during the last year and have been slowly fixed. However, the issue of mold was glanced over and the property managers did not test for mold because they did not think there were be any health hazards from the water damage.

Officials, in the very near future, will test for mold and moisture in the homes. If mold is found, the property management company will have to remediate the water damage and mold or face court fines.

Water damage can be frustrating for any person no matter how long the water has been around. New water damage causes one to act quickly when personal or business items have become wet. Water damage that is old or unseen can quickly develop into mold that can affect the integrity of a building and one’s health. / CC BY 2.0

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