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What if your business documents were damaged?


It’s a late night at the office, and your meeting with a client just finished. All you want to do is go home, heat up some leftovers and call it a night. So you do: you leave the client documents out on the meeting table in your office. You guess there’s really no need to put them in your file cabinet—it’s just one night. All you worry about is how fast you can make it into your car in this freezing weather. You are so happy it’s the weekend.

The next morning you get a call from your business partner: your office is flooded and he doesn’t know where the phone number for the document drying company is. The pipes froze sometime during the night and burst. The documents and books in the waterproof/fireproof file cabinets are fine. Everything else is soaked. Your client’s paperwork are still on the meeting table; all the documents are wet.

This can happen to anyone and to any business–and it has. Take the campus of the University of Rhode Island, for example. The recent Rhode Island flood caused about $2 million in damages to administrative and academic buildings. Efforts are currently underway to prevent mold damage. The closures because of the flood damage cost the university a loss in revenue, as it has had to cancel and postpone its programs and close community resources as they remediate the flood damage.

Water, no matter how it creeps into a building, can cause businesses of any size to suffer huge losses. Is your business prepared for unexpected flood damage? Does your disaster plan include document recovery?

Find Your Document Drying Options

If you know you need a document drying and recovery plan for your business but aren’t sure what to do or where to start, please contact Polygon. / CC BY 2.0

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