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What Sets Apart the Best Document Restoration Companies

As in every industry, the quality of document restoration companies varies. Assuming that the basics are in place (the restoration experts know how to revive flood damaged books and how to dry wet documents without causing more damage, for instance), the following characteristics set apart the very best restoration firms available today. If you’re in the market for document restoration, we encourage you to print out this list and use it to vet potential restoration partners.

Competitive pricing. Of course, as a smart business owner you know to vet the field for an idea of what a reasonable price looks like.

Best technologies in-house. Desiccant drying and vacuum-freeze drying are the two major technologies in document restoration. It behooves a company to offer these technologies in-house. Leading firms will also have innovated to create ideal restoration settings. For instance, we have created a desiccant chamber that allows constant access to files while drying thousands of documents simultaneously. Finally, some firms may also provide on-site restoration services, but as you’d expect, this approach comes with a higher price.

Access to documents during restoration. As mentioned earlier, it is possible for document restoration firms to offer access to files while they are being processed. Not all companies offer this service, though, so be sure to ask about it when choosing a restoration partner.

Exceptionally strong insurance. True specialists understand the risks they take when handling documents and will carry excellent insurance to protect themselves and their clients.

Bandwidth for big projects. The document restoration field runs hot and cold; long stretches of normalcy are interrupted by huge disasters, when every business is clamoring for restoration simultaneously. Well-positioned restoration companies prepare for this business model and become experts at scaling up to meet demand.

High security standards. Law firms, hospitals and schools are among the institutional clients of document restoration firms. Throw in the restoration of classified government documents and it’s easy to appreciate the sensitivity of this industry. Security is of the essence, so superior document restoration firms will have the forethought to design outstanding security procedures. For instance, running background checks on all new employees goes a long way toward preventing security incidents.

Look for these qualities when selecting a company to help your firm after a fire, earthquake or flood. Damaged books, files and even parchments may all be restored with the help of an experienced firm.

[ Photo by: Wild Guru Larry, via CC License ]

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