Management group

Management group

Erik-Jan Jansen

President and CEO

Born in 1965
Joined Polygon 2014
Background: COO Europe at Securitas Group, several international assignments in the hotel industry. 
Education: C.Sc Business Administration from the Hotel Management School in Maastricht, Netherlands. 

Jonas Granath

Chief Operating Officer

Born in 1976
Joined Polygon in 2014
Background: Senior positions at IL Recycling Poland, Swedish Trade Council 

M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics & University of St. Gallen.

Mats Norberg

Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1959
Joined Polygon in 2013
Background: CFO for the Nordics, Baltics and Switzerland at Dahl International/Saint Gobain, CFO at Aftonbladet.
Education: M.Sc. Business Administration from Uppsala University. 

Christian Kohl

Country President Austria

Carla Slaets

Country President Belgium

Fabio Bernardo

Country President Canada

Peter Haugaard

Country President Denmark

Hermanni Rajamäki

Country President Finland

Julien Meynel

Country President France

Andreas Weber

Country President Germany

Marlies van der Meulen

Country President Netherlands

Kai Andersen

Country President Norway

Ly Ang

Country President Singapore

Thomas Perman

Country President Sweden

Jeremy Sykes

Country President United Kingdom

Frank Dobosz

Country President United States