Construction drying services

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Construction drying services

Delays in completing building projects lead to financial penalties, a loss of reputation and, ultimately, a loss of business in the long term.

That’s why our experienced project managers are able to design and deliver a range of customized, fast and cost effective climate control services to support projects in remaining on schedule.

Through our work with general contractors, architects, and other construction experts, we have acquired a deep knowledge of materials and the importance of drying them to the manufacturers’ specification. We can accurately measure the level of moisture and provide action plans to accelerate drying times, based on the project requirements.

Our state of the art technologies can be used in a number of applications such as joint compound drying, concrete slab drying, dry walling and painting, fireproofing and even wooden floors.

A USGBC member since 2002, we can help contractors to improve air quality during interior construction. In doing so, contractors may qualify for LEED credits. At the same time, we provide a more comfortable work environment, abatement of mold growth, and clean, healthy air for workers.