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Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

Polygon has been responsible for creating controlled humidity conditions across a variety of industrial processes, for the benefit of both manufacturing companies and their customers alike for a number of years.

Their specialist know-how and equipment in controlling humidity enables Polygon to create the optimum environment to reliably meet high manufacturing standards - a must for pharmaceutical companies who need to comply to strict product quality regulations and good manufacturing practice (GMP). 

In a pharmaceutical environment it is well-known that the relative humidity (RH) can cause difficulties during manufacturing, transportation and storage. Since weather and climatic conditions during manufacture and drying vary, the slightest change in humidity can have an impact on both the quality and drying times of the product. Dry air plays a vital role during product development within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The control of moisture in the air, by dehumidification, ensures that essential processes are carried out with certainty and confidence, to the highest standards of quality and in accordance with GMP. From the early stages of research and development, right through to large scale productions - maintaining the correct moisture equilibrium during handling, weighing, mixing, drying and tabletting is crucial.

A study of 100 pharmaceutical manufacturing operations in Germany highlighted important difficulties which arise with seasonal climatic variations in air moisture content during production. Problems included products sticking together, disintegration, crumbling of tablets and difficulties during coating.

Using a dehumidification system to create the correct environment during tablet production prevents:

  • Agglomeration and sticking of particles
  • Moisture regain
  • Inconsistent moisture content of tablets
  • Disfigured and crumbling tablets which clog machinery
  • Production shutdown and an increase in frequency of necessary maintenance