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Polygon Group Appoints Ola Hanson as Group General Counsel


Polygon Group, a global leader in property damage control, has announced the appointment of Ola Hanson to the newly created role of Group General Counsel.

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Polygon Group enters Spain as its 18th country


Polygon Group, the premier leader in property damage control across Europe, is thrilled to announce its expansion into Spain through the strategic acquisition of Alron Recover, a prominent company specializing in property damage restoration. This move not only solidifies Polygon's commitment to enhancing its global presence but also marks a significant milestone as the company enters its 18th country, a testament to its continuous growth and leadership in the industry.

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Polygon Group is leading the way in the Swiss market


Polygon Group, the premier leader in property damage control across Europe, is expanding its operational presence in Switzerland, solidifying its position as the number one provider in the Swiss market. Through the strategic acquisitions of GlassResQ and Axis Project, Polygon will not only bolster its portfolio but also significantly enhance capabilities in the dynamic fields of glass and smart surface repair services.

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Polygon Group enters Ireland via strategic acquisitions


Polygon Group, the leading European player in property damage control, is now extending its operational footprint into Ireland - its 17th country - with the strategic acquisitions of React Ireland Ltd in Northern Ireland and Tersus Ltd in Ireland in parallel. These acquisitions not only enrich Polygon's service portfolio but also emphasize the company's commitment to providing unparalleled property damage restoration services on a global scale.

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Cross-Border Collaboration Shines in the face of Major Damage


In late summer, the Tessin region in Switzerland was struck by a devastating natural disaster as strong hailstorms, followed by heavy rainfall, wreaked havoc on the area. The consequences were devastating, with numerous properties severely damaged by the storm. However, in the midst of this crisis, the international collaboration of Polygon came to the forefront and demonstrated its strength.

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