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Polygon Canada scrubs up well for the Cancer Society


For the second year in a row, Polygon in Canada has hosted a car wash to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Polygon Finland collaborates with experts to create a Building Damage Investigation and Repair Guide


In Finland, several regulations and guidelines governing construction have been revised over the past five years. These Ministry of the Environment regulations are compulsory for both new construction projects and renovations. The Finance Finland Association's general guidelines on the subject are around 15 years old, and in some cases are outdated. As a result, experts were called upon to assist with Building Damage Investigations and Repair Guidance.

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Polygon employ valuable moisture detection services


When severe storms led to extensive water damage in a new apartment building in Southern Sweden, approximately half a million kronor was saved for the client thanks to Polygon | AK’s first-class response.

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Together “Always By Your Side”


In July, severe flooding caused devastation throughout Europe. But through cross-border collaboration, Polygon was able to help those in need with their hard work and commitment. This recent collaboration also allowed the German and Danish teams to create strong friendships.

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Recognising the personal stories behind the statistics from the flooding in the Netherlands


The southern province of Limburg in the Netherlands was last month hit by the most severe flooding in decades. Thanks to hard work from Polygon and ACI Groep, Limburg is now on the road to recovery.

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