Polygon Group Appoints Ola Hanson as Group General Counsel

Polygon Group, a global leader in property damage control, has announced the appointment of Ola Hanson to the newly created role of Group General Counsel.

Hanson's appointment comes amidst Polygon's significant expansion, boasting a workforce of over 8,000 employees across 18 countries. CEO Axel Gränitz expressed enthusiasm about Hanson's appointment, highlighting the establishment of a legal function within Polygon. Gränitz emphasized the focus on strengthening legal risk management, governance, and compliance to sustain the company's growth while upholding high ethical standards. Ola brings extensive experience to the role, having held similar positions at prestigious companies such as Telenor Group and Sinch. He is scheduled to formally assume his position on June 1st, reporting directly to CEO Axel Gränitz. While his full-time engagement begins on September 1, 2024. The appointment of Ola Hanson signifies Polygon's commitment to bolstering its legal framework to support its continued success and global expansion.

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