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Our climate solutions involve controlling the temperature or humidity of a building or manufacturing site using drying, cooling, heating and remote monitoring services.

Typical assignments vary and may last from several months to a year or more. For example, we can heat a construction site during sub-zero temperatures, reduce moisture levels on an oil platform so that it can be repainted, or control the moisture levels of a food processing plant during humid summer months.

When the moisture or temperature conditions of a site need modification, considerable expertise is required to make sure that the right climate control equipment is in place to achieve the desired conditions. This includes extensive knowledge about building construction, airflow dynamics, ventilation requirements, the impact of ceiling height and draft doors, and the effects of outdoor temperatures and humidity levels.

Failure to control environmental factors can be very costly for the customer, so we employ continuous measurement and tracking to ensure that the right conditions are maintained over time.

Our solutions, coupled with the right equipment, can manage moisture levels, control temperatures and filter air with continuous monitoring. Remote monitoring is a service that is increasingly in demand. Polygon can provide the customer with continuous information and graphics on dehumidifier performance and climate maintenance. We can install alarm systems to warn of increased humidity levels, providing both security and quality for the customer.