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Temporary Artefact Storage

Whether Relative Humidity (RH) monitoring and maintenance is required to enable the refurbishment of period features during major construction projects, or to create the optimum conditions for the exhibiting of some of the world’s most valuable art objects, Polygon are fully equipped and experienced in creating the right atmosphere for every circumstance.

During long refurbishment projects, contractors often need to shut down the in-house ventilation systems and install a temporary heating and ventilation system, so it is vital that a steady level of humidity is maintained in order to prevent wood from warping or cracking and prevent moisture damage. The optimum RH is required to ensure gilt paints dry and that paintings, timbers and scrolls are suitably protected. Using its own technology, Polygon can eliminate any possibility of deterioration and prevent flaking and peeling of paint which would totally destroy artwork and prevent refurbishment. In the case of temporary exhibitions, often insurers will not insure art pieces unless the museum can guarantee the climate – both in terms of temperature and RH. Having agreed to lend 120 of the world’s most valuable art objects to the San Diego Museum of Art, the Portuguese government did not want to take any chances concerning the humidity control of the environment in which the objects were on display. With many items vulnerable to moisture, the  portuguese government required the museum to provide a guaranteed climate that would not vary more than a few percent from stated RH and temperature, as well as charts detailing these maintained conditions. 


A careful drying programme is essential to stabilise the effects of high ambient humidity, often worsened by the effects of open windows, doors, moisture created by water based paints and even workers and visitors perspiration. Following a site visit and detailed survey, Polygon can determine the most efficient and cost effective method for humidity control. The preservation programme often involves the installation of Polygon dehumidifiers in combination with chillers or heaters to protect the environment, and rooms requiring humidity control are sealed to facilitate the beneficial effects of the climate control method.


By renting a solution from Polygon, both in the short term and long term, the environment can be assured without the cost of purchasing capital equipment. Polygon’s solutions can be applied in all climate conditions and Polygon are able to guarantee very small levels of tolerance in RH levels to satisfy owners
and insurers that the climate is entirely controlled.


Absolute protection – Temporary climate control by Polygon means objectives can be achieved without disruption. Polygon has both the engineering skill and practical experience to develop a temporary system that will handle any climatic change.

Preservation – By maintaining the optimum RH and temperature, damage to rare murals and paintings, antique timbers and valuable art objects is  prevented.

An on-site test before purchase – If temporary humidity control problems persist, a permanent system may be required. If so, using temporary humidity control systems, on-site tests are undertaken, enabling the collation of relevant data to ensure the installation of the permanent system creates the optimum environment straight away. 

Flexible configuration – Polygon’s services allows you to blend both temperature and humidity control into an integrated system. Should requirements increase or decrease, equipment can easily be added or subtracted.

Turnkey service – From initial consultation, to engineering, to installation, Polygon does it all, supporting the installation with 24-hour service and 50 years of experience.