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Drying out a construction site after flooding, or drying sensitive content after water damage, is a core skill possessed right across every country within the Polygon Group.

Our drying solutions have effectively negated the need for substantial reconstruction work. Rapid response times, the deployment of efficient drying technologies and effective management of the project means that drying operations take days or weeks, rather than the months of disruption reconstruction can create.

Materials are often soaking wet, or damp moisture has made hygroscopic materials sensitive to vapor absorption. In turn, this moisture may create damage such as the corrosion of metal parts, the chemical breakdown of glue and microbiological activity such as mold growth in organic materials.

Our fully trained technicians utilize their experience to dry out the construction and its content with as little disruption as possible, while also making considerations for the drying of the different materials. Because we understand the importance of fully understanding the behavior of moisture in the air as well as materials, drying times and therefore costs are minimized, enabling the building to be fully operational in the shortest time possible.