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Food processing

Excess moisture in a food processing plant can often spell trouble for all areas of manufacturing. Essential processes such as mixing, coating, drying and packaging can all be negatively affected by too much moisture in the processing area. In the end, excess moisture can lead to the loss of production and damaged product affecting the overall profitability of the company.

Moisture control within food processing plants is critical to preventing costly loses in production and product. The ability to keep the line operating without the threat of shut down due to excess moisture is critical. Polygon is experienced in providing temporary dehumidification solutions for a variety of complex food processing plants. Whether the problem is clogged filling lines, the inability to coat your product or just keeping the labels on the jars, Polygon has the solution to eliminate moisture problems.

Polygon can provide temporary climate control solutions to deal with the most difficult moisture problems at a food processing facility. Desiccant dehumidifiers utilising state-of-the-art technology provide the optimum environment for product manufacturing and to eliminate shut downs.

Besides eliminating moisture related production issues, Polygon temporary drying systems can also reduce maintenance problems within facilities such as iced refrigeration coils, wet floors, mould growth and condensation. Additionally renting the equipment rather than purchasing helps reduce capital investment expenditure.


The Polygon dry air system is the simplest, most precise way of achieving and controlling the humidity conditions required, including:

  • Considerable energy cost savings, incorporating environmentally friendly technology
  • Improved hygiene conditions
  • Increased product quality and shelf life
  • Consistent production all year around with the elimination of delays due to high moisture levels
  • Improved production increases of 15-20%
  • Shorter drying times for coated products
  • Reduces medical claims by eliminating slip hazards
  • Immediate response for any problems
  • A rental program that allows the customer to only use the equipment when it is actually required