Emergency drying services

For over 60 years now Polygon has been recognized as the leader in delivering, maintaining and monitoring state of the art dehumidification and temperature control equipment for the disaster restoration industry.

Emergency drying services

Because Polygon offers a complete line of equipment, supported by experienced and expert engineers, you can be sure we can deliver a fit for purpose portfolio of equipment designed specifically for the project in hand.

Polygon was the first restoration contractor to bring new technology to the market and revolutionize the way contractors dry a building. Using properly engineered drying solutions, a building can be dried with all of the contents and interior walls in place, saving huge amounts of money and time on restoration and reconstruction.

All equipment is routinely inspected and serviced at regional centers, and our large inventory allows us to add or replace equipment on very short notice. This eliminates the need for disaster restoration contractors to purchase and maintain their own costly fleet. Utilizing Polygon’s 20 offices in the United States will also allow the geographic range of current service areas to increase. Polygon will manage the logistics and supply chain aspect of the equipment delivery, allowing our partners to focus on what they do best, service their customers.

Polygon’s application knowledge can support disaster restoration contractors in the following areas:

• Water and Fire Damage Restoration
• Mold Remediation and Odor Control
• Commercial Loss and Catastrophic Events
• Document Cleaning, Drying and Restoration
• Emergency Response Stabilization

Emergency 24 hr Services

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