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Exciting scaffolding project in Germany


In 2013 the Siegerland motorway church was built next to the Bundesautobahn 45 in Germany. The church has always been open for prayers 24-hours a day, but recently the brilliant white exterior façade has suffered from environmental impacts. Over time there has also been damage to other areas, such as the edges of the towers. Today, eight years later, the church façade is to be renovated.

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Detective work solved radon challenge


What do you do when high radon values are measured and the explanations you believe in, are incorrect? Radon competence, combined with a building damage investigation, is what is required when the detective work begins once a radon leak has been identified.

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Supporting each other across the borders


The heavy rains and flooding experienced in Europe this summer, presented Polygon Switzerland with the opportunity to offer their customers new services, thanks to Polygon in the Netherlands.

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POLYGONVATRO opens their third Technical Centre in Germany


As the market leader in fire and water damage restoration, we know that downtime is expensive. The quick renovation of machines and systems is a critical factor because for many companies the loss of a few production days creates a long-term competitive disadvantage. For more than 20 years, POLYGONVATRO’s team has been using its technical centers to renovate machines and technical systems in the shortest possible time and has then re-integrated them into the production process.

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Polygon collaborates with university students to become climate neutral


We all know that our world is changing. Our planet is facing one of the biggest and most complex environmental challenges yet. This is why, here at Polygon, we have been working hard to reduce our environmental footprint for some time now.

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