Our company philosophy pays off with a Service Champion 2020 award


“Die Welt” has been working with “ServiceValue” for many years to systematically investigate the service quality of German companies from a customer standpoint. This year, customers rated their best service experiences by judging a total of 4,053 companies in 384 different industries. POLYGONVATRO in Germany came out on top as the best restoration service in our industry, and were also named as a Service Champion based on customers’ service experiences.

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Polygon AK nominated to the Sweden Green Building Awards


Once again Polygon AK, Polygon´s subsidiry in Sweden is nominated to the Sweden Green Building Awards!

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Shaping our future and building our skilled team of tomorrow


Last year POLYGONVATRO in Germany intensified the “Young Talents” project with 43 promising young people. This proved to be a success, so this year an additional 37 new young people started their training programme at POLYGONVATRO.

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Polygon France helping students get back to school on time


After a rubbish bin caught fire outside a school in Montigny-lès-Cormeilles, north of Paris, Polygon France was called in. The fire spread through the corridor and then into the building, creating a major disaster.

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Polygon reduces carbon footprint whilst saving time and money with Rit Plan in Belgium


Polygon in Belgium found themselves encountering a problem with technicians driving longer distances than needed, which led to lost driving time, high fuel costs and ultimately, pollution of the environment.

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