Advanced leak detection in Finland


Polygon Finland received an interesting and challenging Leak Detection job back in April. An energy company contacted Polygon Finland, asking for help in finding a leak in a large district heating pipe. The pipeline was installed a long time ago and since its installation, the road arrangements in the area have been changed, with a roundabout having been built with the pipeline remaining underground.

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Polygon enters the Italian market with the acquisition of Recotech


Polygon has signed an agreement to acquire Recotech in Italy. Recotech is a property damage restoration company specialized in water- and fire damage restoration and major and complex claims. The company has a turnover of 5 MEUR and around 40 employees.

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Polygon enters the Luxembourg market with the acquisition of UTG


Polygon has signed an agreement to acquire UTG in Luxembourg. UTG is a growing entrepreneurial company focused on fire damage restoration and asbestos removal with 15 employees and annual sales of about 1.5 MEUR.

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Polygon getting Areo Norway aircraft back in business


Polygon Norway was contacted by Fremtind Insurance company after a large car fire in Stavanger airport’s parking garage. The company Areo Norway aircraft, an engine workshop that is used for refurbishing and controlling jet engines for several airlines across the world, was located in the middle of the smoke.

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Polygon – where crises are seen as opportunities to innovate and serve


The worldwide coronavirus situation is taking a huge toll on people and businesses. We are facing a major challenge, but are also seeing opportunities to innovate, do things differently and in more sustainable ways.

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