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Introducing Birla – Polygon’s mould-detection dog


Detecting and confirming mould is often quite an extensive task, with support from technicians that in many cases having to examine places and splittning it into pieces to locate the mould. This is however not the case for a mould-detecting dog like Birla, who can do this without any damaging. So, it is a real privilege to have Birla as a part of the Polygon team!

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Collaborators prevent and limit the risk of moisture-damage and support sustainable construction


Polygon has joined forces with academic and industry partners in the construction sector to overcome the sustainability challenge presented by moisture damage in wooden buildings.

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Problems with a leaking water pipe or leaking roof?


Polygon’s specialist teams use the latest techniques and equipment to detect and repair leaks quickly and efficiently. Our approach to detection is based on speed and accuracy, which means that only a small opening is required to repair the leaking or damaged pipe - this saves costs and keeps adjacent areas free of unnecessary damage.

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International Management Conference 2022 takes place in Frankfurt


After three years, our teams finally had the opportunity to come together at the International Management Conference in Frankfurt. Where we connected with old and new colleagues from all over the world to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our teams.

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Polygon completes restoration and rehabilitation of flood-damaged historic spa hotel


In summer 2021 a historic spa hotel in Germany was badly impacted by the devastating floods that swept through Europe.

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