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Temporary Climate Solutions

Fighting mold and mildew during construction

When American Constructors began a 106,000-square-foot elementary school for Round Rock School District, near Austin, TX, there was a general concern about the development of mold and mildew during the project.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Cleaning the air in Trinity Buildings After 9/11

On September 11, 2001, millions of Americans watched in horror as New York City’s twin World Trade Center towers collapsed. No image was longer lasting than the horrific plume of smoke and dust that spewed above the city and hung above the skyline for more than a week.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Restoring the Pentagon after 9/11 attack

The impact and explosion that occurred when terrorists crashed a hijacked airliner into the side of the Pentagon Building devastated a significant area on five floors of the world-renowned US military headquarters. Water damage caused by fire hoses, sprinkler systems, and shattered water lines, affected 2.5 million square feet of space adjacent to the crash area adding to the physical destruction of the event.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Power plant lead abatement and climate control

The city of Lakeland, Florida, needed to re-coat one of its three steam-generating systems, McIntosh Power Plant, Unit #1. The system had been constructed in 1969 and then recoated in 1977, on both occasions, a lead-based primer had been used. To comply with Environmental Protection Agency standards, city officials ran TCLP tests for 13 heavy metals. The finding showed that the plant’s coating exceeded EPA standards for lead. As a result, Lakeland was required to contain all particulate removed from the facility.

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