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Temporary Climate Solutions, Remote Monitoring and Control

Diagnosing and controlling humidity issues in chocolate production

The US premium chocolate industry is growing and is expected to reach $17.65 billion in 2027. Demand is rising but so are the stakes. Higher-quality chocolate requires not only better ingredients but also tighter production lines to consistently yield premium results. So, when a New England Chocolate Manufacturer started noticing excessive moisture loads affecting production in their factory, they recruited a team to solve it quickly.

Temporary Climate Solutions, Remote Monitoring and Control

Smart climate control for university renovations

Universities across the country aim to offer attractive residential and learning spaces to bolster enrollment and enhance student culture. Many older universities are tackling dormitory renovations to modernize buildings to today’s living and technological standards.

Document Recovery Solutions

Hurricane Sandy and the Financial Industry

Super Storm Sandy affected thousands of businesses on Wall Street and beyond. One particular financial firm faced potential damage to documents located in three sub-basements. For three days, materials were totally submerged.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Controlling Climate in Yale University Art Gallery

Yale University Art Gallery’s $135 million restoration and expansion project included the full renovation of two historic structures — the 1928 Gothic-style Swartwout building and the 1866 Street Hall. Their careful conversion enlarged exhibition spaces, collection study rooms, and classroom facilities.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Kaiser Permanente Hospital Dehumidification

Polygon and the Contractor utilized a sheet metal ducting and stack system to deliver dehumidified air onto each floor of the Kaiser Permanente Hospital.

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