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5 reasons why document drying and recovery should be included in your disaster plan

Think you don’t need to include document drying and recovery into your disaster plan? Think again. Although this is a topic many aren’t concerned with, not planning document recovery or book drying into an emergency disaster plan may be regrettable.

The following are some reasons why you must include document drying and recovery should be included in your disaster plan:

  • Save your business. Documents and books lost to water or smoke damage can cause a loss of clients and future business.
  • Have a way to restore patient x-rays. Most doctors’ offices don’t keep back-up x-rays, and only few keep digital copies. Losing any part of patient’s file can be a liability to a clinic.
  • Save your memories. Photographs are often the way people remember significant events in their lives. If you don’t have a way to replace wedding photos, lost the negatives to photos of your child’s first steps and the like, seriously consider document restoration in your disaster plan.
  • 4. Salvage heirloom books. In some families, Bibles, family trees and other priceless books are passed down from generation to generation. Plan a way to salvage your family heirloom with book drying professionals.
  • 5. Restore blueprints. If you were working on a project for a client at home and the sprinkler system accidentally went off, would you have to start form square 1 to recreate you work? Save yourself time and call a document drying professional that can restore your wet work faster than you can recreate it.

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