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Polygon safety record recognized by Highwire

Highwire is a safety software company that enables contractors and their partners to communicate safety standards and risk mitigation plans effectively and review objective performance. For the second consecutive year, Polygon has been awarded the Highwire Gold Safety Award, recognizing them as one of the top contractors on the Safest Contractor list.

Polygon has been listed as a Gold Safety Contractor by Highwire following an assessment program administered by Highwire. The program objectively and consistently evaluates the performance of companies, allowing clients to manage risk better by identifying and monitoring it. This recognition is a strong indicator of how much importance Polygon places on safety and is a reliable predictor of future performance. Polygon specializes in providing temporary climate solutions, tailored to the specific needs of construction job sites and industrial facilities, using either its own equipment or that of the clients.

Along with performing safety audits in all warehouses, Polygon tracks every safety near miss or event and uses that as a catalyst for future training, ensuring any possible weak points are being addressed. Quarterly Safety reports are provided to all employees regardless of their roles.

Ensuring safety while providing excellent service is a top priority for Polygon’s business. This recognition serves as validation for the diligent efforts put in by Polygon employees every day and sets new benchmarks for the upcoming year. Polygon extends its congratulations to its employees for achieving this recognition and looks forward to continued progress in their safety journey.

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Highwire Gold Safety Partner

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